The blame game continues as Hazaras search for answers

QUETTA: Weeks after the second Hazara massacre turned Quetta red, no answers and no concrete solutions have surfaced. 

Some experts claim that the Hazaras are caught in a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, while others blame religious extremists.

However, most of those who suffered directly and lost loved ones point at the government and law enforcement agencies.

“They are responsible for protecting the people,” says Mohammad Ishaq, 40, a tailor from Hazara Town who lost five members of his family in the Kirani road attack. “The government and its functionaries know who is behind these attacks. And yet, they seem to be doing nothing.”

The chairman of the Hazara Democratic Party (HDP), Abdul Khaliq Hazara, said while addressing a press conference that the policy makers of the country have deliberately allowed so much Pakistani blood to be shed to protect Iranian and Saudi Arabian interests.

According to him, the events of the past decades reflect that sectarian violence in Balochistan, and Quetta specifically, has been fueled intentionally, leading to a systematic erosion of the centuries-old mutual respect among different sects and ethnic groups.

The chairman also said the January 10 and February 16 bombings have illustrated to the world how atrocities against Hazaras have broken all records. However, in spite of all that, as a community, the Hazaras have protested democratically and peacefully, exhibiting exemplary tolerance.

However, he said his party never demanded army rule, terming it a ‘myopic’ stance. A targeted operation, carried out with honesty, is what needs to be done.

text selected from Exprss Tribune website


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