Hazara Refuse Mass Burrial till Military Action

Thousands of man and women began their sit-in at Quetta’s Hazara Town Sunday evening, a day after a bomb in the city killed 85 members of the community, including women and girls.Hazara Town Sit-In Protest

The strike was also supported by the other political parties, including Pashtoon Khwa Milli Awami Party, National Party and Awami National Party.

Chairman of the Quetta Yakjehti Council Qayum Changezi strongly criticised the performance of the police and other law enforcement agencies in curbing terrorism in the province. He charged that the law enforcers have just failed to protect the life and property of the common man including the Hazaras.

The Hazara Democratic Party (HDP) gave an ultimatum of 48 hours for the arrest of those involved in the Kirani road carnage.
“If the culprits involved in the incident were not apprehended then the protest would be lodged in front of the high court on a daily basis,” vice chairman HDP Azizullah Hazara announced in Hazara Town Sit-In. He vowed to intensify the protest movement, staging demonstrations worldwide, particularly in European countries, Australia, America as well as in front of the offices of the United Nations to condemn the killings of Hazaras in Quetta.

Governor Balochistan announced compensation of Rs one million for each victim of the blast. Meanwhile, Balochistan Chief Secretary Babar Yaqoob said that the compensation announced for victims would soon be paid.

Meanwhile, on the call of the Shia Ulema Council, strike is being observed in Karachi on Monday (today). Transports remains off road while markets would be shut.

Also, Bars across the country, including the Pakistan Bar Council, the Karachi Bar, the Rawalpindi Bar, the Punjab Bar and the Balochistan Bar, have announced boycott of courts.

Punjab will hoist national flag half-mast to observe a day of mourning. Mourning has also been announced in Gilgit Baltistan.


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