LeJ Issues warning to Shia in Balochistan

Hazara Town BlastQUETTA: The banned Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, an underground Sunni militant group that accepted responsibility for Saturyday’s deadly bomb blast in Quetta which killed around 85 people, has said it would continue its anti-Shia operations despite the governor’s rule or even if the military takes control of Balochistan.

Abu Bakar Siddiq, a spokesman for the underground organization, told the local media on the telephone that government should not live under any illusions that his organization would stop its activities after the imposition of the governor’s rule. According to him, Saturday’s was a suicide blast carried out by “our friend Omar Farooq”.

“We wish to warn the government that the governor’s rule cannot deter us from our obligation [to kill the Shias] and we want to tell the Shias that they should not consider themselves safe under the governor’s rule. Until Islamic rule, as guided by the companions of Prophet Mohammad, is enforced, Shias should not feel safe. We will attack them even if the army is called in Balochistan”

The spokesman said it was the second attack his organization had carried out against the Shias this year (2013) but they possessed at least twenty  more similar “ready trucks” such as the one used in Saturday’s attack on the Shias. All twenty of its “prepared suicide bombers” only await instructions from the top  leadership of the organization.

“We do not fear the governor rule or the military regime. We love to embrace martyrdom.Inshallah [god willing] we will attack the Shias inside their homes on Alamdar Road, Marri Abad Road and Hazara Town. We urge all the Sunnis to support us. They should attach bombs to their bodies against the Shias and ‘support’ the LeJ.

The spokesman said, “either we or the Shias will live in Quetta.”

He dispelled the impression that some elements in the government were supporting his organization.

“We have never needed anyone’s help nor will we require that. We are solely fighting this war in Allah’s name which will end in making Balochistan a graveyard for the Shias.”

Published in The Baloch Hal on February 16, 2013


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